OMIMO Open Minimalist Modules: Simplify Project Management with

Looking for a simple and practical project management system that’s easy to learn, use, and teach? Look no further than While there are already established project management systems like PRINCE2® and the PMBOK® Guide, they can often be too complex for regular projects. is the Excel of project management systems, providing a user-friendly tool that most people can easily utilize. With cyclical activity groups and management documents, simplifies project management to its core essentials. Plus, there’s even an interactive eLearning course and certification program available to help you master the system. Find out how can streamline your project management and become a certified Practitioner today.

OMIMO Open Minimalist Modules: Simplify Project Management with

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What is is a minimalist, practical project management system. It focuses on simplicity, making it easy to learn, use, and teach. What sets apart is its open and free nature, backed by a Creative Commons license. This means that anyone can access and utilize the system without any restrictions. is the brainchild of OMIMO, an organization co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Despite the existence of other project management systems like PRINCE2® and the PMBOK® Guide, most projects are run intuitively without a structured project management system. The fundamental standards, while invaluable, often pose a complexity barrier for everyday projects. aims to bridge this gap by providing a simple tool that most people can use, much like Excel in the world of spreadsheets. It offers a practical solution that focuses on ease-of-use and accessibility.

OMIMO Open Minimalist Modules: Simplify Project Management with

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How does work? adopts a cyclical system to simplify and regularize project activities. It operates on monthly, weekly, and daily cycles, each addressing a specific aspect of project management. The system also includes a project initiation activity group, which takes place at the beginning, and a project closure group, which occurs at the end of the project. Additionally, there is a post-project management group that evaluates the project’s benefits once it is completed. To support the process, provides four management documents and defines various roles to ensure smooth project management.

Interactive eLearning course

To enhance understanding and learning, offers an interactive eLearning course. This course immerses learners in an engaging story where they play the role of a project manager and make decisions. The outcome of these decisions serves as a valuable learning experience, enabling learners to acquire practical project management skills. The interactive nature of this course makes the learning process more enjoyable and memorable.

OMIMO Open Minimalist Modules: Simplify Project Management with

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Get certified

For those who wish to validate their skills and expertise in, the certification process is available. Becoming a certified Practitioner requires a comprehensive understanding of practical project management abilities rather than theoretical knowledge. Certification offers several benefits, including increased career advancement opportunities. It showcases your proficiency in, making you a valuable asset in the field of project management.

Trainer resources and accreditation

Trainers who wish to teach can utilize various resources provided by the system. These resources include an instructor-led workshops guide and a standard slide deck. Additionally, an accreditation program ensures that trainers meet specific criteria to ensure the quality of their training programs. This program is free of charge and aims to maintain high standards in training.

Learn, contribute, or stay up to date encourages individuals to join the community and actively contribute to its development. By sharing insights and experiences, community members can help shape the future of this innovative project management system. To stay updated with the latest developments, individuals can subscribe to announcement emails or opt for an RSS feed. These channels provide timely information about updates, new features, and relevant news surrounding

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OMIMO Open Minimalist Modules (OMIMO)

OMIMO is the organization behind It serves as the driving force behind the development and dissemination of the system. For any inquiries or questions regarding, interested individuals can reach out to OMIMO through the provided contact information, including email and address. Modules

Within the ecosystem, multiple modules cater to specific project management needs. One such module is NUPP (Nearly Universal Principles of Projects), which focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of project management principles. Additionally, offers a minimalist project management system tailored specifically for micro-projects. Lastly, serves as a minimalist portfolio management system, ensuring efficient management and oversight of project portfolios.

Domain Transparency, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions emphasizes transparency and accountability. To ensure utmost clarity, the system features a domain transparency banner. This banner provides a clear overview of policies and guidelines associated with Interested individuals can access the privacy policy and terms and conditions for further details. It’s important to note that operates under a Creative Commons Attribution license, which allows for sharing and adaptation of content with appropriate attribution. Additionally, OMIMO trademarks, including, are protected to maintain the integrity of the system.

In conclusion, offers a minimalist, practical project management system that simplifies the complexities of project management. Its ease of learning, use, and teaching make it an accessible choice for individuals and organizations alike. With a focus on practical project management abilities, stands as a valuable resource for career advancement. By joining the community, individuals can actively contribute and stay updated with the latest developments in the field. OMIMO, the organization behind, ensures that the system is continually developed and supported. As a comprehensive ecosystem, modules cater to specific project management needs, further enhancing the system’s versatility. Transparency, privacy, and adherence to policies and licenses are core tenets of, ensuring a reliable and trusted project management solution.

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