P3.express: The Simple Tool for Project Management

P3.express is a minimalist and user-friendly project management system that aims to simplify the way projects are managed. While there are already established project management systems like PRINCE2® and the PMBOK® Guide, these can often be too complex for everyday projects. P3.express fills this gap by providing a simple tool that anyone can use, much like Excel. It operates on a cyclical system, with monthly, weekly, and daily cycles, as well as a project initiation and closure group. Additionally, there are management documents and roles that support the project management process. If you’re interested in learning more about P3.express, there are interactive eLearning courses available, and you can even become a certified P3.express practitioner.

P3.express: The Simple Tool for Project Management

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P3.express Overview

P3.express is a minimalist, practical project management system that is easy to learn, use, and teach. It is open and free, with a Creative Commons license. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

What is P3.express?

P3.express is a simplified project management system designed to address the need for a structured approach to project management that is accessible to everyone. Despite the existence of fundamental systems like PRINCE2® and the PMBOK® Guide, most projects are still run intuitively without the help of a structured system. This is because these fundamental standards are often too complex for normal projects. P3.express aims to fill this gap by providing a simple and easy-to-use tool that most people can use.

Why P3.express?

P3.express was created to provide a simple project management solution for individuals and organizations that do not require the complexity and extensive documentation associated with traditional project management methodologies. While these fundamental systems are invaluable for large, complex projects, P3.express is designed to be accessible for all types of projects. It offers a minimalist approach to project management that is intuitive and efficient.

How does P3.express work?

P3.express operates using a cyclical system that simplifies and regularizes project management activities. The system includes monthly, weekly, and daily cycles, with each cycle focusing on a specific aspect of managerial activities. Additionally, there is a project initiation activity group at the beginning, a project closure group at the end, and a post-project management group for evaluating benefits after the project is completed. The process is further supported by four management documents and various roles. For more detailed information, the P3.express online manual provides a comprehensive guide.

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Management documents and roles

In addition to the cyclical system, P3.express relies on four management documents and various roles to facilitate effective project management. These documents include the project initiation document, the task plan document, the progress report document, and the project closure document. Each document serves a specific purpose and provides guidance for managing projects. P3.express also assigns roles such as the project manager, the task manager, and the progress reporter to ensure clear responsibilities and accountability within the project team.

Learning P3.express

P3.express offers several resources and programs to facilitate learning and mastery of the project management system.

Interactive eLearning course

For those who prefer a more interactive learning experience, P3.express provides an eLearning course. This course allows participants to step into the role of a project manager and make decisions throughout a project. By experiencing the outcomes of their decisions, learners gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively manage projects using P3.express. The eLearning course is designed to be engaging and informative, making it an excellent option for individuals who prefer a hands-on learning approach.

Certification program and exam

After familiarizing oneself with P3.express through the manual and the eLearning course, individuals can choose to become certified P3.express Practitioners. The certification exam focuses on evaluating the individual’s ability to manage projects effectively rather than testing theoretical knowledge. This practical approach ensures that certified practitioners have the skills and knowledge necessary to apply P3.express in real-world project scenarios. The certification program and exam offer a recognized validation of an individual’s project management competence using the P3.express methodology.

Trainer resources and accreditation

Trainers who wish to teach P3.express can access a range of resources provided by the program. These resources include an instructor-led workshops guide, a standard slide deck, and other materials that trainers can adapt to suit their preferred teaching method. Trainers can also apply for accreditation to ensure the quality of their training programs. The accreditation programs are free of charge and focus on maintaining the standard of P3.express training. Accredited trainers gain recognition as qualified instructors and can contribute to the growth and dissemination of P3.express as an accessible project management system.

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P3.express: The Simple Tool for Project Management

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Staying Updated with P3.express

To stay up to date with the latest developments and announcements regarding P3.express, there are a few options available.

Subscribing to announcement emails

Individuals interested in receiving regular updates can subscribe to announcement emails from P3.express. These emails provide information on new releases, updates, events, and other relevant news related to the project management system.

Using RSS feed reader

For those who prefer using RSS feed readers, P3.express offers an RSS feed that can be subscribed to. By subscribing to the feed, users can receive notifications of new articles, blog posts, and updates directly through their preferred RSS reader application. This allows for convenient access to the latest information without the need to regularly visit the P3.express website.

P3.express: The Simple Tool for Project Management

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Additional Resources

P3.express provides various resources to further enhance the user’s understanding and utilization of the project management system.

OMIMO organization

OMIMO (Open Minimalist Modules) is the organization behind P3.express. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of the project management system. By accessing the OMIMO website, users can find additional information about the organization, its goals, and its other projects.

Online manual and PDF manual

The P3.express online manual is a comprehensive resource that offers detailed information on using the project management system. It serves as a guide for understanding the concepts, processes, and documents involved in P3.express. Additionally, users can also download a PDF version of the manual for offline reference.

Artophile Center

The Artophile Center is a hub for P3.express resources, including training materials, case studies, and community-contributed projects. Users can access valuable content and learn from the experiences of others who have implemented P3.express in their projects. The Artophile Center serves as a collaborative platform for P3.express users to share their knowledge and best practices.

Style Guide

To ensure consistency in the use of P3.express, a style guide is provided. This guide outlines the recommended conventions and guidelines for using P3.express terminology, formatting, and documentation. Adhering to the style guide helps maintain clarity and coherence in communication, particularly when working with others using the P3.express methodology.

Domain Transparency

P3.express provides domain transparency to its users, ensuring that all activities and decisions related to the project management system are conducted openly and with accountability. By promoting transparency, P3.express aims to build trust and foster a collaborative environment where users can openly discuss and contribute to the improvement of the system.

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Privacy Policy

To protect the privacy of its users, P3.express has a privacy policy in place. The privacy policy outlines how personal information is collected, used, and shared within the context of the project management system. By adhering to strict privacy practices, P3.express aims to safeguard the confidentiality of user data and ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Terms and Conditions

P3.express has established terms and conditions that govern the use of its project management system. The terms and conditions provide guidelines and limitations on the use of P3.express, ensuring fair usage and preventing misuse of the system. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, users agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by P3.express.

P3.express: The Simple Tool for Project Management

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CC-BY License

P3.express operates under a Creative Commons Attribution license, which allows users to share and adapt the project management system’s content for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. This license grants individuals the freedom to use P3.express without the need for explicit permission, as long as proper attribution is given. Users are also required to indicate whether any changes were made to the original content. The CC-BY license ensures that P3.express remains accessible and adaptable to meet the diverse needs of its users.

Overview of the Creative Commons Attribution license

The CC-BY license enables users to freely use and modify P3.express content as long as they provide appropriate attribution. This flexibility allows users to tailor the project management system to their specific requirements and share their adaptations with others. The CC-BY license encourages collaboration and innovation by removing the barriers commonly associated with copyright restrictions.

Terms and conditions of usage

While the CC-BY license grants significant freedom in using P3.express, it is important for users to adhere to specific terms and conditions. These conditions include properly attributing the source of the content, specifying whether or not changes were made, and ensuring that the freedoms granted by the license cannot be revoked in the future. By complying with these terms and conditions, users can enjoy the benefits offered by the CC-BY license.

Protection of OMIMO marks

OMIMO is the organization responsible for P3.express, and it holds trademarks for various components of the project management system, such as P5.express, P4.express, P3.express, P2.express, P1.express, and NUPP. OMIMO takes measures to protect these marks to maintain their integrity and prevent unauthorized use. Users are encouraged to respect and acknowledge these trademarks when referring to the different components of P3.express.

P3.express: The Simple Tool for Project Management

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Contact Information

For any questions, comments, or inquiries about P3.express, users can reach out via email. The provided email address serves as a direct line of communication for individuals seeking further information or clarification regarding the project management system. Additionally, the P3.express website offers a wealth of information, including contact details for the online manual, eLearning course, certification program, and trainer accreditation program for users who require specific assistance or support.

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