Malvern Project DPro success story

PMD Pro Success Story: Malvern Marks

A few years ago, one of the PROJECTS101’s key team members of volunteers, Mavern Mordical Makuhwa, wrote about his personal experience and excitement for being certified PMD Pro (both Level 1 and 2) on the official website of the PM4NGOs, an international NGO that promotes and sustains the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector and is the owner of PMD Pro and PgMD Pro.

What used to be called the PMD Pro (Project Management for Development Professionals) by te time he sat for the certification exam in 2018 has now been renamed a new acronym, the Project DPro. This is a best practice guide and certification that provides project managers within the context of the development sector with the skills needed to deliver effective, transparent results to donors and communities.

The Program DPro Guide (Program Management for Development Professionals Guide), on the other hand, was created to provide Programme Managers with advice, tools, and guidance and assist them in more effectively fulfilling their role, whether that be at the local, regional, or international levels.

Malvern Marks, as he prefers to be called, is not only a certified Project DPro, but he is also a certified FMD Pro, which makes him an amazing resource for the PROJECTS101 eLearning initiative. The FMD Pro (Financial  Management for Humanitarian and Development Professionals) Guide is focused on the governance, management, and maintenance of the FMD Pro standard and its products, providing NGO and social sector professionals the opportunity to improve their financial management knowledge and skills.

In his article, Malvern Marks says his job in the development sector involves liaising with the donor community regarding the programmes and projects that are identified as problems in relation to the United Nations policies and local governments’ legislation.

“After going through the course curriculum available online, I found that the subject material covered best suits my career goals,” he writes.

To read the full story, please accessed it here

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