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About Projects101 Academy:

Projects101 Academy is a team of experienced and certified project management professionals who have volunteered to dedicate their time to helping aspiring and mid-career project managers, including those working in the international development sector, to develop their project management careers and attain relevant professional certifications, all for FREE.

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Projects 101 Academy is committed to empowering aspiring project managers with quality e-learning resources. The website offers free courses, resources, and support for individuals looking to enhance their project management skills and advance their careers.


While Projects 101 Academy strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information, users are encouraged to verify any details or certifications offered through the website. Projects 101 Academy is not responsible for any outcomes resulting from the use of the information provided on the website.

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For any inquiries or feedback regarding Projects 101 Academy, please visit projects101.org for more information.


All services provided by Projects 101 Academy are free of charge and are intended solely for educational and professional development purposes.

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We are still working on making this website an awesome experience. We’re adding new courses and resources related to project management. Please bear with us!

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