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Whether it is PMI’s PMP, or APMG’s Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner, or PMD Pro, we ensure that we develop quizzes and realistic sample questions similar to what you would find on premium websites elsewhere. Why spend more?

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We carefully choose from eight different question types, including single answer, multiple choice, sorting, matching, fill-in-the-blank, free text, survey, and essay questions… to provide you with a seamless and predictable exam experience.

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      A lot has been written and spoken about by various experts, mostly PMP certified themselves, regarding the tricks for learning and passing PMP. For this reason, this article aims to summarize some of the salient points that have already been expounded by these gurus, to help our students at Projects101 to choose and/or follow a perfect study plan that will almost guarantee that they ace the most revered PMP certification. Please click to follow the article on our Blog link here!
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